We Focus on Three Primary Legal Areas

Finding a lawyer with expertise is crucial to securing favorable judgment. We focus exclusively on bankruptcy, family, and social security disability legal issues. Our focus means we've collected a comprehensive knowledge of Illinois and federal case law, which enables our attorneys to navigate the specifics of your case without difficulty. Legal issues can be intimidating. We believe the best solution to an overwhelmed client is knowledge. You probably have a lot of questions and concerns. We answer them whether you need to stop a foreclosure or wage garnishment or require assistance with receiving social security disability benefits. Our three primary legal areas are:


Sometimes a fresh start is the best way out of severe financial difficulties. Bankruptcy might represent the answer you need if you're facing mounting debt and see no way out. Our goal is to chart a path to financial security and improve your credit. We use Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies to assist our clients. If you elect to pursue bankruptcy, our bankruptcy lawyers will suggest the most prudent path forward. For instance, Chapter 7 works well for individuals who want a quick resolution. In contrast, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is ideal for clients who have considerable assets that they want to be protected, or who need to save their home from foreclosure

Social Security, Disability, and Supplemental Security Income:

When the government denies disabled individuals disability benefits, many give up and walk away from the situation. Don't allow that to happen to you. If you are disabled and are filing for benefits, or they were denied, our legal professionals can help. We know the ins and outs of all the relevant case laws surrounding disability, and supplemental security income benefits. Many denied claims occur because individuals did not file their application correctly. We can help present them accurately and assist when government agencies issue denials. Don't allow a denied claim to deprive you of needed benefits; contact our firm today.

Family Law:

Family law matters can be fraught with uncertainty and tension. Dixon & Johnston Law Office works hard to create as seamless and stress-free an experience as possible. Ending a marriage is difficult, but our lawyers provide comprehensive and compassionate legal representation in matters such as divorce, child support, and maintenance. We also help bring joy to our clients' lives: Our firm is familiar with the adoption process and can help you adopt a baby. Learn more about our family law practice, and contact us for a consultation.

We're AV PreeminentTM-Certified by Martindale-Hubbell®

Martindale-Hubbell® peer and client review ratings are the gold standards of lawyer rankings. We're proud to maintain the highest rating: AV PreeminentTM. This means you will feel comfortable seeking our services when you have legal issues. Our lawyers work hard to uphold the standards set by our fellow legal professionals and clients. The professional opinions reflect the confidential views of the bar association and the judiciary. At the same time, the client reviews prove our past successes.

We Offer Free Consultations at Both of Our Offices

Dixon & Johnston Law Office has two locations: one in Belleville, IL, and another in St. Louis, MO. Together, our locations cover a broad swath of the Illinois and St. Louis area. Our St. Louis office deals solely with Social Security Disability cases. No matter which office serves you, the lawyers there believe in transparency, compassion, and accessibility. That's why we offer each new client a free initial consultation. This appointment helps clients understand the legitimacy of their case, what would be expected of them, and how our lawyers could help. All you need to do is contact us. One of our accomplished attorneys can't wait to speak with you and start your working with you.