Improve Your Credit Score

Improving your credit score after bankruptcy is critical if you are going to get reasonable interest rates on car loans and home mortgages. Your credit score is also important in being approved to rent an apartment, lower your insurance premiums or even finding employment. We believe that improving your score is so important that we have teamed with 720 Credit to provide their training to all of our bankruptcy clients at no additional cost. This program, designed to teach you how to raise your credit score to over 720 within 12-24 months, normally costs $1,000.00 but we provide the training for free after you file your bankruptcy. There is no additional charge for this valuable course.

Most bankruptcy firms file your case and are finished. We believe the filing of the bankruptcy is only the start and that raising your credit score so that you can successfully move forward after the bankruptcy is critical to your success. This 720 Credit Score Program adds significant value to our bankruptcy services at no additional cost to our clients.

Among other things, the 720 Credit Score Program will teach you how to replace the credit you have lost, the factors the credit bureaus consider in determining your score, how to correct errors on your credit report and just how much to use your new credit to maximize the improvement of your score.