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Disabled? Do not despair

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2017 | social security disability |

One of the features of living with a disability is the ready availability of unfortunate stories. Some people never got SSD benefits because they lost heart due to the bureaucracy.

One of our goals as Social Security Disability lawyers goes beyond getting people the benefits their lives depend on. We are also about providing emotional support as clients deal with procedures that can be quite maddening.

A bad place emotionally

Many of our clients come to us – pre-frustrated by Social Security’s tendencies to delay, deny, and deliberately misunderstand information given to them. Some come to us after two or three denials of benefits. They are in a very bad place – denied by their own government the benefits they themselves have paid for in their working lives.

Working with an experienced disability benefits lawyer is light years from filling out the forms yourself. We know from experience what kinds of information, including medical information, advance your cause and what kinds result in a letter of denial.

You know that benefits are only available only to people with serious impairments. Social Security Disability Insurance only pays for total disability. For many, it is necessary to be persuasive describing your degree of impairment.

Making your case

A note from your physician in your records may not seem to disqualify you but may mean the difference between obtaining benefits and being turned down again. When necessary we will arrange for an additional medical exam to clarify your degree of impairment.

Your challenge is to end up on the positive side of this difficult process. Do not be discouraged by the stories you hear, or by the denials and delays that come your way.

Work with a firm like the Dixon & Johnston Law Office to get your ducks in a row to ensure a successful outcome.