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January 2018 Archives

Tips that can help as you apply for Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability benefits may be warranted, but that doesn't mean the process is fast or easy. Experts warn that it can take months to apply and get a response initially, and it could take even longer if you're denied and have to appeal.

Is social security a pension plan?

People often think about social security as if it is a pension plan. You pay a tax, which is similar to a contribution. It goes into the plan. When you retire, you get payments. This is very similar to any other retirement plan and it's the reason people are sometimes glad to contribute, thinking that, as with other plans, their payments will be higher if their input is higher.

What is a subprime borrower?

You're considering bankruptcy and trying to plan for the future. You're already thinking about how you can build your credit back up after you file, and you know that using credit cards responsibly is one way to do it. You have to prove you can pay off debt properly.

How much does bankruptcy cost in Illinois?

When you are in debt and considering your options, bankruptcy may stand out from the rest for its ability to significantly reduce your debt. Filing for bankruptcy comes with many benefits, from stopping creditor harassment to allowing you to keep certain assets. It gives you the fresh financial start you need with the opportunity to rebuild better credit quickly.