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Know what you need to do to appeal a disability ruling

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2018 | social security disability |

Having to file for disability isn’t ever an easy decision, but when you are unable to continue working because it isn’t physically possible, you might have to file. It can take a while to work through the process, so you should be prepared to deal with this delay. As unfortunate as it is, some people might have to fight harder than others to get the benefits they need.

There are times when people are denied for disability based on the reviewer thinking that the case doesn’t meet the established criteria. When this happens, you will need to take swift action. There are very strict time limits for appeals. You have to follow the established procedures so that you might be able to get benefits.

We understand that this is often a confusing process. We are here to help you out with your initial filing or appeal. We want to see you get the benefits you deserve. There isn’t any reason why a person who has worked hard his or her entire life should be forced to try to find ways to make ends meet because of an improperly denied application.

One thing that might shock you is that there is more than one level of appeal. In order to reach higher levels of appeals, you have to work through the lower levels. Each appeal that you file will draw your case out more, but it might put you one step closer to getting the benefits that you need.

As is the case with most programs administered by the government, you have to comply with very strict rules and procedures when you file for disability. Make sure that you fully read each notice that you get so that you can determine what you need to do and when it must be done. We can help you, but make sure you don’t waste any time since many steps are time sensitive.