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Medical bills are treated just like others in bankruptcy

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2018 | bankruptcy |

Unexpected and costly medical care is one of the reasons why some people have to file for bankruptcy.  Even when they are able to keep up with their other bills, they might feel helpless when it comes to the medical bills. Unfortunately, there isn’t a type of bankruptcy that specifically addresses only medical bills. Instead, you will have to file a normal personal bankruptcy, but you might find that this is beneficial.

When it comes to bankruptcy, medical debts are treated in exactly the same way as other debts. You will have to list all of the debts that you have when you file. This includes medical and non-medical. Bankruptcy may be beneficial and relieve a great deal of stress. A successful petition will give you a fresh start and in most cases you don’t lose any property such as vehicles or homes.

Another situation that you need to think about is your medical care after filing. If you can’t pay your doctor, think carefully about what’s going on. If you want to keep the doctor, speak to them about your situation. You can let them know that you are considering filing for bankruptcy and find out if you can remain a patient after. Some doctors will drop patients who have debts from their practice discharged; however, many understand that things happen and will allow you to remain a patient.

As difficult as it is to realize that you need to file for bankruptcy, the relief that you feel when you have a fresh financial start can be worth the effort that you have to put forth. Your first step is determining what type of bankruptcy you are eligible to file.