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Disability payments are often hard to start

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2018 | social security disability |

The Social Security Disability (SSD) system is here to help disabled individuals who are unable to work and earn money for themselves. These individuals have put in the time necessary and paid into the system, so they should be able to reap the benefits of their hard work. Unfortunately, this isn’t the way things always happen. It is sometimes difficult for people who need disability to receive the benefits that they should.

We are here to help those individuals get the benefits that can help them better their lives right now. You don’t deserve to have to languish in financial uncertainty when the SSD system should be helping you.

One thing that is difficult about the SSD process is that there are so many applications going through the system that it takes a long time for someone to get benefits. Fortunately, there are some conditions that qualify for the compassionate allowance bonus. This means those applications are fast-tracked through the system so that the person can get benefits as quickly as possible.

Some individuals may still have to have doctor appointments and other appointments to get the benefits they are due. Even a person who complies with all the requests of the Social Security Administration (SSA) might find that their application has been denied. This brings up the need to have the decision appealed. This is a complicated process that almost seems like an insult to the ones who are having to go through it. We are here to help you file your disability appeal, but you must act quickly because there are strict time limits that apply to these cases.