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The path to Social Security Disability benefits isn’t easy

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2019 | social security disability |

We understand that many people can’t even begin to think about having to deal with the various aspects of the Social Security Disability application process — and they want it to be over quickly. Unfortunately, unless you qualify for a compassionate allowance, you aren’t going to be able to rush through the process. It can actually take a long time to gain an approval, so you should try to make plans for your finances in the interim.

When you file your application, you should ensure that it is filled out in its entirety. Anything that is missing can slow the process up. You should be prepared to visit the government’s doctors. It shocks some people to know that the doctors they see might not be in the same specialty areas that would normally see their issues. In other cases, your doctor’s notes may be unclear or not contain enough information to allow your case to be decided.

For example, your doctor may have noted that you have a neurological condition, but not clearly noted the symptoms that you have from that condition. It’s the symptoms — and their severity — that matter, not just the disease itself.

Don’t get too upset by this. Instead, just make sure that you make it to the appointments and that you provide an accurate account of what is going on and how your disabilities impact your daily life and ability to work.

Many people are denied Social Security Disability when they first apply. In these cases, you have to file an appeal quickly. We are here to help you get this done.