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May 2019 Archives

Financial support for injured workers who can't go back to work

Many people who are facing a serious injury count down the days until they can get back to work. Unfortunately, some of these individuals won't ever be able to return. They might have to turn to Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits to pay for life's basic necessities. We know that this might not be how you envisioned your life, but we are here to help you get what you need to live your best life.

The cost of bankruptcy

A recent report by a commssion studying bankruptcy laws found that the cost of bankruptcy is a problem for many individuals.  The current law provides that bankruptcy fees must be paid before filing.  This makes it difficult for some debtors to come up with the money to file.  A particular debt that haunts some people who file for bankruptcy is student loan debt. The problem with this type of debt is that unless you can show that you have remarkable financial hardship, you will still have to repay this debt.  The commission found that the bankruptcy laws on student debt should also be changed.

Find financial freedom through bankruptcy

When you are laid off from work, suffer a serious medical issue or have another life catastrophe, your finances might suffer. Bills that were once routinely paid might be impossible to afford now. You may have to choose between paying a bill or buying groceries for dinner. This isn't a good place for anyone to be in, so it is imperative that you take steps to shore up your finances so you don't suffer a lifetime of problems because of your current money situation.

Struggling with debt? Bankruptcy is not as scary as you think

Debt and bankruptcy are scary topics for a lot of people. You may not want to think about these things, but if you suffer from crushing debt, it is necessary to face the issue headfirst. Plus, you do not need to feel ashamed about considering bankruptcy. It is a viable financial strategy for a lot of consumers. In fact, approximately 733,000 individuals and businesses declared bankruptcy in 2018.