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July 2019 Archives

7 signs that bankruptcy might benefit you

Paying bills isn't anyone's favorite activity but it is a necessity of life. Some people are even more upset about having to do this each month. These are the people who have more bills than they have money. They are the ones who have high credit card balances, medical bills and other similar debts.

Can legislation prevent loss of disability benefits?

This blog recently discussed the case of the man who was wrongfully identified as deceased and who is now fighting for his disability payments. Fortunately, the man's benefits were restored the day after a local news station reported about his issues. But the big question here is whether anything can be done to help prevent this type of traumatic event from happening in the future.

Student loan debt and bankruptcy

Student loans are the second highest debt category for consumers. Only mortgages surpass this. However, student loans usually can't be discharged in bankruptcy. The reason for this is that a person has to pass the Brunner test if they are going to have the student loans forgiven through bankruptcy.

Man falsely reported as deceased, now fighting for his disability

People who receive disability payments often live on a tight budget. For these individuals, any disruption in payments can lead to significant financial struggles. There usually isn't room in the budget to save a lot, so being without an income means they might have to do without necessities. On top of that, Medicaid eligibility is usually tied to these payments, which means that if the disability payments cease, medical care coverage will also stop. This can leave them without the care they need to properly manage their health care.