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Take control of your finances with bankruptcy

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2019 | bankruptcy |

The thought of having to file for bankruptcy doesn’t set well with some adults because they take pride in paying their bills. The thing to remember is that bankruptcy is a tool that enables you to take control of your finances when circumstances spiral out of control. This is typically a better idea than having to string creditors along with promises of payments that might not come or that might be less than you promised.

It is imperative that you think about how the bankruptcy will impact your life. Bankruptcy can be a great stress reducer.  One of the most immediate things you will notice is that creditors won’t contact you any longer. When you file, the court issues an automatic stay, which means that they can’t try to collect on the debt. They can’t call or message you. They can’t send any form of communication, including written letters or emails.

Your budget might be freed up a bit when you file bankruptcy since you won’t be paying those bills. Many people can benefit from using this to try to start living on a strict budget. This is your time to ensure that you are getting your home and utilities paid for on time. You are going to find that this provides you with a good financial foundation as you embark on life after the bankruptcy.

We know that you will have some questions about how the bankruptcy is going to work. Everyone’s situation is different. Because it can impact people in different ways, we can help explain your options. This can benefit you since it enables you to make a personalized decision about your next steps. There is no charge for an initial consultation, so schedule an appointment to make sure you understand your options.