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July 2020 Archives

Why guilt should not stop you from filing bankruptcy

There is no shame, no stigma and no scarlet letter in filing for bankruptcy. Ignore the voice in your head telling you otherwise. And ignore that know-it-all friend or judgmental father-in-law. With bankruptcy, you are taking control of your financial life. While you may have gotten a late start, you have made the decision and are firmly in charge. Bankruptcy is an effective financial tool for people with major debt problems.

Types of ailments that may qualify you for SSD benefits

Many types of injuries and illnesses can prevent you from working, leading you to seek Social Security disability (SSD) benefits. For example, if you suffer from maladies such as arthritis, back pain, bronchitis, OR kidney disease, you just may qualify for SSD benefits.  Psychological disorders, including intellectual disabilities, autism or mental retardation can qualify you for benefits

Can bankruptcy halt foreclosure proceedings?

Struggling with debt is stressful enough without having to worry about losing your home. However, if you fail to make your mortgage payments, you can expect your lender to begin foreclosure proceedings. Fortunately, you may be able to seek debt relief through bankruptcy protections. Filing for bankruptcy may even give you the time you need to catch up on past due payments, enabling you to keep your home.

Reasons applications for Social Security Disability are denied

Your physical ailments and/or psychological condition cause nearly unbearable pain, and difficulty maintaining focus and concentration resulting in your inability to work. There are bad days and very bad days. You simply cannot effectively perform your job anymore, and now the worries have started to mount. How will you pay your bills? How will you support your family?

Key steps for financial recovery after filing bankruptcy

The bankruptcy experience is now behind you, but the lessons you learned from it are not. Your hesitancy to file for bankruptcy was understandable and typical for many people like yourself. But in relying on it, you organized your finances, determined financial priorities and received a chance to move on. Well, now what?