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August 2020 Archives

You have protections against illegal creditor harassment

The harassment seems to be unending from creditors. You know you are in dire financial straits, and you do not need persistent debt collectors to remind you by bothering you several times a week. You are looking into filing for bankruptcy because you understand your precarious financial situation. Meanwhile, harassment from creditors grows worse.

Which debts typically survive bankruptcy?

The debts piled high, teetering hazardously without a net. Still, you were unprepared for the inevitable financial collapse that overwhelmed you and your family. For months, you pondered whether bankruptcy was a logical option, and, now, you know that it is. Bankruptcy usually allows you to keep your home and provides legal protection from overzealous creditors while resolving most debts.

How much can I receive in Social Security disability payments?

Your medical condition progressively grew worse, leading to crippling disability. Clearly, you are no longer able to work for at least a year or potentially longer. Since you are completely unable to work, you qualify for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits. But you wonder just how much you will receive in this monthly government benefit.

How a bankruptcy attorney helps you overcome financial challenges

A triangulation of unexpected events pushed you to a financial brink. A life-threatening health event, a job loss and a pending divorce created a whirlwind personal storm in a matter of six months. For most people, this is a one-two-three knockout blow. But you are not so easy to give up. Even so, you need help getting back on your feet.