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How long do Social Security disability benefits last?

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2020 | social security disability |

Now that you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, a great sense of relief may surround you.

However, there may be a handful of new questions that may surface regarding the duration of your SSD benefits and the many uncertainties that come along with your health concerns. Still, you want assurance that those SSD benefits will be available whether your unique situation is transitional or permanent.

As long as you remain unable to work

SSD benefits are not in place indefinitely. The general rule is that SSD benefits continue and remain intact if your medical ailment shows no improvement and you still are unable to work. It is not unheard of for people to recover from disabilities related to life-threatening accidents or major medical illnesses and conditions. In many cases, it just takes time, patience and medical advancements.

Workers and their families receive benefits:

  • As long as the worker continues to have a disability
  • Until the worker reaches his or her retirement age, leading to a benefit conversion to retired-worker benefits
  • Until death

Along the way, the SSA will review your case regularly depending on the severity of the injury or ailment to ensure you continue to maintain a qualifying disability. As part of the review, the SSA seeks information related to your medical treatment and whether you have worked.

The SSA will also seek your medical reports and, in some cases, request that you undergo a medical examination, which is paid for by the government. Your SSD benefits continue if the government decides you still have a qualifying disability. However, if the SSA deems that you no longer have a qualifying disability, you may elect to appeal the decision. And, if you choose not to appeal the SSA’s decision, your benefits cease three months after you have been informed the disability has ended.

If you run into issues during the Social Security Disability process, an experienced attorney can provide insight and potential solutions to your concerns.