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What you should know about continuing disability reviews

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2022 | social security disability |

Many applicants for or recipients of Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits assume that the hard part is getting their initial request for them approved. That’s not necessarily the case, though.

While qualifying for benefits is a significant milestone in the SSD process, the Social Security Administration (SSA) may periodically perform continuing disability reviews (CDRs) to ensure that you continue to meet the eligibility requirement for benefits. The SSA may base their decision as to whether to continue or terminate your benefits on the outcome of this review.

There’s no set publicly disclosed timeline for which the SSA may perform a CDR. Yours can be effected by your diagnosis or the nature of your impairment and your prognosis. Even recent participation in a vocational training program or a change in reported income may motivate the SSA to perform a CDR.

Should you take any special steps to prepare for your CDR?

You’ll likely receive a letter in the mail from the SSA notifying you of your CDR. Never ignore the notice. Instead, you should comply with any requests the SSA makes of you, including providing any documentation they request, by the stated deadline.

Some of the information you may want to provide during this process is paperwork showing the latest status of your medical condition. You should disclose any efforts you might have made to generate income and changes in your address (to ensure you receive the SSA’s correspondence) as well.

If you count on your SSD benefits to make ends meet like so many recipients do, then you’ll want to ensure that you take all necessary steps to continue receiving them. Learning more about the qualifying criteria and appeals can be helpful depending on where you’re at in the benefits process.