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Child Support in Belleville, IL

Dixon & Johnston Law Office’s Child Support Enforcement

Dixon & Johnston Law Office provides invaluable family law services to clients throughout the Belleville, IL area. Our child support services deliver peace of mind and financial support to parents seeking a fair and equitable child-rearing arrangement from the non-custodial parent. Post-divorce or -separation, there can be negative feelings and attitudes. We understand that. We promise to work tirelessly on your case, act with compassion, and use our exhaustive knowledge of state case law to win a favorable judgment. Our team has the resources required to make sure you get a fair shake. Our three experienced attorneys understand how to use the justice system to their advantage to win your case.

We’re Skilled at Circumnavigating Illinois Child Support Laws

While we pride ourselves on providing clear and concise legal advice, Illinois child support guidelines are relatively straightforward and easy to understand. But the state’s simple rules can lead to challenges, as they often pin clients into a classification that doesn’t necessarily accurately reflect their situation. Our job is to make sure your settlement is the best it can be within the guidelines and secure a judgment outside the rules when the case demands it. Our services are especially useful in certain circumstances, such as:

Income disparities: Illinois child support guidelines muddy the waters when one parent makes more money than the other. Financial differences are common, especially when one parent is the sole breadwinner and the other stays home with the children. Our firm helps parents who aren’t employed outside the home achieve a child support amount designed to ensure their child doesn’t suffer from the results of the divorce.

Special needs: Children with special needs require more attention and financial support than others. In addition to time commitments, they often require specialized equipment that costs quite a bit of money. Child support should take this into account.

Willfully unemployed or underemployed partners: If the other parent in the equation can work and doesn’t or choose to work for a lower wage than they’re able to, securing adequate child support is difficult. Your child deserves to live a comfortable life, and child support is a critical component in achieving the life they deserve. However, when one parent elects to work a job that doesn’t compensate them at an amount that allows them to care for your child, we can help resolve the situation.

We Diligently Gather All Relevant Information

The most critical role we play is facilitating the gathering of essential and relevant materials and evidence to propel the legal process forward. We’re experienced family law attorneys. This means we know the case law well and can use it to our advantage during depositions or trials. Our ability to thoroughly document your case is a crucial skill if we plan to secure a favorable child support settlement. Some of the evidence we’ll seek during discovery includes:

  • Copies of all communications between you and the other parents, including emails, text messages, and letters
  • Relevant witness statements or testimony
  • Photographs, videos, and audio recordings
  • Financial, medical, and school records
  • Police reports

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Our family law services cover a broad swath of areas, including divorce proceedings, child custody and visitation, property division, and modification. We also offer services to individuals hoping to adopt and can determine paternity. In addition to family law, we concentrate in bankruptcy and social security disability cases. Our commitment to these areas means we can deliver outstanding service to each of our clients. Contact us today to learn more about our firm.

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