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There’s no substitute for experience and a history of success when you’re looking for a Social Security Disability lawyer in Belleville. Our attorney at Dixon & Johnston Law Office has specialized in assisting clients with their Social Security Disability for decades.

Your financial troubles may be due to a disability, personal injuries or a disabling mental illness. Our lawyer’s legal experience in Social Security Disability is vast, and he provides each client with a thorough understanding of all the ins and outs of the process in an effort to ensure that they are able to make informed decisions that will lead their cases toward the best outcomes possible. You can put your trust in our attorney’s in-depth knowledge and reputation.

Assistance With Social Security Disability

The process of filing for and collecting Supplemental Security Income (SSI) due to disability can be a difficult road to travel. Your best chance of obtaining Social Security Disability comes from following the procedures precisely and submitting all applicable information in a timely manner. Our lawyer at Dixon & Johnston Law Office can help you with the process, which may include rejection, thus requiring an appeal to ensure that you get the funds you need to maintain your home and daily life. Social Security benefits are available to help people who cannot work or have disabilities, and they’re a vital resource for countless people throughout the state of Illinois. Our attorney’s goal is making sure you get the benefits that you’re entitled to and that you may have paid into for years. You deserve the financial assistance that’s offered to people in situations like yours, and he wants to help you navigate the process successfully. Laws tend to change often and rapidly, so our Social Security lawyer stays on top of the latest developments. With this up-to-date knowledge in hand, he will work hard to ensure that you collect your rightful funds from Social Security Disability benefits.

What Are Social Security Benefits?

Social Security is a comprehensive federal benefits program in the U.S. that’s designed to assist older or disabled workers and their spouses with partial replacement income in the form of monthly payments. This assistance can also go to those whose qualifying ex-spouses have died. Social Security Disability includes Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) for those that are disabled and cannot work either temporarily or permanently due to illness or injury. Both SSI and SSDI apply to individuals who are too disabled to work, but there are differences between the two benefits. They are as follows:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance: You don’t pay premiums to an insurance company with SSDI. Instead, each of your paychecks has a portion paid to Social Security taxes. A portion of those Social Security taxes goes to fund the SSDI program.
  • Supplemental Security Income: This option comes from general tax revenue, and you must have few valuable assets and a low income to qualify for it. The amount you receive from SSI is typically a lower amount than you would get from SSDI.

Our Lawyer’s Legal Experience

As you’re a tax-paying resident of the United States, every paycheck you’ve earned has paid into SSDI so that it will be available when you need it. Our attorney at Dixon & Johnston Law Office can help you file a claim for SSDI and navigate the appeals process that may be necessary in your case. He’ll first verify that your tax contributions and work history qualify you for this monthly income assistance, and if they do, then you’re entitled to receive monthly payments to help support your financial needs. Our Social Security Disability lawyer is ready to help you with a variety of situations. Whether you need to start the process by submitting a claim or you’ve been denied benefits, you can trust his seasoned legal skills and knowledge to guide you through the process. He has decades of professional experience assisting clients with the following:

  • Filing a Social Security Disability claim: The laws around SSDI are complex, and the process of submitting a claim can be confusing. You can easily submit a claim without all the necessary information or documents, which can result in a denial. Having a lawyer help you with the claim submission ensures it will be filed correctly the first time. Doing this can help you avoid the lengthy hassle of an appeal.
  • Appealing a Social Security Disability claim: Just because your claim was denied doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve your benefits. Our attorney will gather any missing medical evidence and make sure that all forms are completed accurately. He performs appeals on contingency, which is based on all past insurance money owed to you. If we don’t win your appeals case, then you don’t pay.

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If you’re unable to work due to illness, injury or age, then you should get the benefits you deserve from Social Security Disability. Our lawyer at Dixon & Johnston Law Office has ample experience helping clients like you file claims for SSDI and, if necessary, go through the appeals process. Give us a call today to speak with him, or you can fill out our contact form to get started with the legal guidance you need to get your benefits. Our attorney is here to help. Read more about Social Security Disability on our Social Security Disability FAQ page.