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Helping Those Ravished By Mental Illness Receive The Assistance They Need

Close to one-third of all recipients of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits have mental illness diagnoses. While it’s not always visible to those around them, mental illness is, unfortunately, devastating to individuals and families. Mental illness is also costly because it requires expensive medical and psychological treatment. The symptoms of mental illness often prevent individuals from being able to remain on the job. Without Social Security benefits, mentally ill individuals may be unable to lead happy and productive lives.

Our attorney at Dixon & Johnston Law Office understands your needs and the process for receiving federal benefits. He will acquaint himself with your circumstances, prepare the paperwork and attend all necessary hearings to ensure that you receive the benefits you need and deserve.

Challenges Involved When Applying For Social Security Benefits

The Social Security Administration will deny most applications for benefits if procedures are not followed. Yet, the procedures are complex and difficult to understand. For this reason, the services of an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer are invaluable.

The application itself is lengthy. To succeed in receiving benefits, you must demonstrate that your illness rises to the level of a disability. Administrators look to see if your illness will prevent you from holding a job for a lengthy period of time. Other criteria include documenting your work history, providing a listing of your prior medical conditions and confirming any treatment you’ve received. Few individuals have the knowledge or experience to pursue such matters to a successful conclusion outside of attorneys who regularly practice this area of law.

Our firm has been providing assistance to individuals coping with mental illness in applying for disability benefits since our practice opened in 1990. Much of our practice involves helping those denied benefits appeal their claim. Our lawyer strives to help individuals stay in their homes and live quality lives. The benefits they receive allow them to put food on the table.

Our compassionate attorney at Dixon & Johnston Law Office wants to see you succeed. Therefore, he will speak to you during an initial consultation and advise you on what steps to take. Should SSDI not be a viable option for you, he can explore whether you can still receive benefits through the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) process. Our lawyer will be there at your side when you need him the most.

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