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May 2018 Archives

Post-traumatic stress disorder may qualify for benefits

Some people live with crippling bouts of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This extreme stress reaction to reminders of past traumatic events can sometimes meet the qualifications of a disability. The PTSD sufferer may then be able to receive disability benefits.

Think about the totality of filing for bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can accomplish many things that can get you on a more stable financial ground. If you are considering filing, you need to make sure that you are looking at all the ways it might impact your life. You might be surprised at how much relief you are able to enjoy by filing.

Bankruptcy may help to delay a foreclosure

You have been missing mortgage payments for months, and you know the lender is going to foreclose on your home. That doesn't make it any easier when the official notices begin to arrive. You desperately look for any option to save your home or at least buy yourself some time to get your finances straightened out so that you can afford the house again.

Can I keep my home if I file for bankruptcy?

One of the biggest fears you may have as an Illinois homeowner is falling behind on your mortgage. Though you may be current on payments now, you cannot help but wonder what your options are if things take a bad turn. Most lenders start the foreclosure process once borrowers are three months or more behind on payments.