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January 2019 Archives

Bankruptcy isn't easy but it is worth it

When you file for bankruptcy, you are taking the first step toward financial change. This is a big deal because you are admitting that you have some negative financial aspects in your life that you need to change. This is empowering. The good news here is that when you file for bankruptcy, you can take the steps you need to learn how to make good choices about your money.

2 forms of consumer bankruptcy serve different needs

When credit card debt overwhelms you, finding an option for getting back on track with your finances becomes a priority. One option that you have in these cases is to file for bankruptcy. While many people think that this is an easy way, it actually takes work and sacrifice to make it happen. This can be a very effective financial tool to help you when you just can't get back on top on your own.

Social Security payments not likely to stop due to shutdown

Recipients of Social Security benefits usually live on a very tight budget. They usually don't have the financial backing to be able to live without getting their monthly benefit check. Many recipients of these programs are probably worried about how the current partial government shutdown is going to affect their benefits.

Common factors that can lead to a bankruptcy filing

Many factors in your life might make you more likely to have to file for bankruptcy. While many of these can't be helped, such as unforeseen medical bills or loss of job, there are some that you might have control over. In all cases, it is best to know your options and whether bankruptcy would be helpful or may be avoided.  Talk to a bankruptcy attorney so you are fully informed.

Working through a disability application can be a long challenge

Being approved for Social Security Disability benefits is a long process for most people. There are only a handful of conditions that qualify for the Compassionate Allowances program. During the approval process, you are likely going to have a host of appointments. These are aimed at determining whether you meet the requirements for disability. It is imperative that you go to all of these or you risk your case being denied. The more information the Social Security Administration has the better your chance of being approved.  Our office can help you.