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April 2019 Archives

Compassionate Allowances program speeds up disability application

A person filing for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits is likely going to face a lengthy wait for their application to go through the process. While this might not be anything more than an inconvenience for some people, others have a condition so severe that having to wait could mean that they pass away or suffer irreversible harm if they have to wait for benefits.

Disability can help you financially after a career-ending injury

Filing for Social Security Disability (SSD) is a major step for many workers. They wonder how this program will compare to what they were making before they suffered an injury or became disabled. The answer to this isn't always easy, but it is true that you will have a big adjustment to come. We know that this is something that might not seem pleasant, but you must remember that SSD is available to help people who want to work but are unable to.

These points about bankruptcy might be important to you

It is imperative that anyone who is considering filing for bankruptcy takes the time to think carefully about what it means to file. There are several ways that this can impact your life now and into the future. One of the most important to many people is that the filing temporarily halts the ability of your creditors to try to collect the balances on your accounts. This is because the court issues an automatic stay when you file for this type of financial relief.

The path to Social Security Disability benefits isn't easy

We understand that many people can't even begin to think about having to deal with the various aspects of the Social Security Disability application process -- and they want it to be over quickly. Unfortunately, unless you qualify for a compassionate allowance, you aren't going to be able to rush through the process. It can actually take a long time to gain an approval, so you should try to make plans for your finances in the interim.