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Medical evidence is the backbone of disability cases

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2023 | social security disability |

When people are seeking disability benefits, one reason that their application may be denied is that they don’t have the proper medical evidence. This can be provided at the time that the claim is filed, but it’s also possible for people to file the claim first and simply provide information about their medical sources. Either way, however, this medical information is going to be the basis of the claim because it shows key details about the alleged disability.

This does not mean the doctor is making the decision. They aren’t declaring that someone is disabled or that they are not. That is a job for the Social Security Administration. But the doctor provides the information that the SSA needs to make that determination.

Questions that may be asked

Overall, the SSA wants to know how the condition or injury impacts someone’s ability to work. They may need to know how it changes the person’s ability to remember instructions, lift and carry heavy items, sit for a long period of time, walk around without difficulty and much more. Questions that may be asked include:

  • What exactly is the condition that the patient is dealing with?
  • When did that condition start and how did it begin?
  • Are there medical tests that clearly document this injury or condition?
  • Has any treatment been provided? Is it ongoing?
  • How long is the condition expected to last?
  • How seriously does this injury or condition limit the person’s abilities or the activities that they can participate in?

All of this information will help officials determine eligibility for disability benefits. The more medical documentation you can provide the better.  Those who are going through this process need to know what legal steps to take.  Contact a Social Security lawyer to learn how best to proceed.