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Workers who become disabled might need disability

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2018 | social security disability |

The Social Security Disability Insurance program is meant to help workers who become disabled and can’t work. Unfortunately, many of these individuals will have to fight for the benefits that are due to them. This can be a real challenge, because they still need to pay bills that come with living their life.

We know that you might find this process to be challenging. At times, it might be infuriating. We can help you to find out what you need to do during your case so that you can begin to move things along. The process isn’t always easy, but we can work with you to figure out how to get you what you are due.

One of the things that is difficult about filing for disability benefits is the waiting period. These applications can sometimes involve long processing times, multiple doctor visits and more waiting. The entire process can take two years or more, and you have to figure out how to make ends meet until you receive benefits.

There are instances in which people might qualify for a faster processing time. Expedited processing is often associated with fatal conditions that might not allow the person the chance to wait on the normal process. We can help with these cases.

If you are denied benefits and feel this decision was an error, we can help you with the appeal process. Make sure that you read your documents thoroughly so that you know what you need to do to appeal. There are also time limits in these cases, so taking your time to decide what to do isn’t possible. We are here to help with this process too.