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Know which disability programs to make application for benefits

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2018 | social security disability |

If you become disabled, you are going to have to navigate the complex world of disability payments. The Social Security Administration (SSA) handles these benefits through two distinct programs. Each of these has its own requirements. It is imperative that you understand them so that you know to which programs you need to apply. The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program is for people who have limited resources and income. This program includes children who are disabled. You don’t have to have any work history to qualify for SSI. However, you do have to be diagnosed with a condition that meets very specific requirements. You also will have to pass a means test. For SSD benefits you must prove you are disabled and have paid into the system through prior employment.  Our office can help you navigate this system in your attempts to get disability benefits.

The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program is strictly for workers who have earned enough credits to qualify for the program. You must have paid specific Social Security taxes. Some adult children of people who qualify for SSDI might be able to receive benefits based on the earnings of their parents, but this is only the case if the disability started prior to their turning 22.

Both programs have detailed application processes. This isn’t a fast way to get money since you might have to fight for the benefits. There are many steps that you might go through once you fill out the application. Be sure you comply with all of the instructions. If you feel it’s warranted, you can appeal an adverse decision. But you must do so quickly and in the manner specified. Appeals typically have very short time limits, so don’t waste any time.