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Do you qualify for Social Security Disability’s fast-track program?

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2021 | Firm News |

Anyone who’s filing for disability probably knows that they’re in for a considerable wait between submitting their application and receiving a decision. Those who have disabling conditions that are terminal, however, may not have that time to wait.

The Social Security Administration has a special program for people who have certain conditions. The Compassionate Allowances List contains more than 200 conditions that can be fast-tracked through the application process.

What does it mean to fast-track the application?

One bit of information that you have to include on the application is what medical diagnosis you have that you believe qualifies you for disability payments through the compassionate allowance program. When you enter a condition that’s on the list for a compassionate allowance, the system picks that up and starts the process. You’ll still need to provide medical proof of the condition.

The compassionate allowance program enables some people to receive benefits with minimal wait time, which can be as short as a few weeks. You have to ensure that you include complete and accurate information about your condition, but that’s far better than waiting months (or years) for an approval.

It’s important to note that the Compassionate Allowances program doesn’t have any impact on the amount of time it takes for a person to receive Medicare. You’ll still have to wait the full 24-month waiting period before you can receive Medicare if you’re under 65 years of age.

When should you seek help with a Social Security Disability application?

For many people, having someone who’s familiar with this program may help them to ensure they’re providing the information necessary. It’s also beneficial to have someone by your side in case your claim is denied, and you need to file an appeal.  At Dixon & Johnston Law Office, we like to be involved in your application for Social Security Disability as early in the process as possible.