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What is a compassionate allowance?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2022 | Firm News |

Being unable to work because of an injury or illness is difficult because you need money to live. For people who have certain conditions that are expected to result in their death, waiting for Social Security Disability benefits to be approved might not be possible.

The Social Security Administration has a program that enables certain medical conditions to move through the disability application process faster than others. The SSA maintains a list of conditions that qualify for this expedited application process.

How does the SSA determine what applications to push through?

The automatic system flags applications that contain a condition that qualifies under the Compassionate Allowances program. This is why it’s important to put your actual medical diagnosis on the application. Ideally, you’ll also include the required medical information to help make the process even faster. This is much faster than the typical disability application process because the conditions that are listed in it are so severe that they will almost always meet the criteria for receiving disability payments.

One benefit of the expedited process is that applicants who are likely to succumb to their illness will usually be able to get their benefits before they pass away. This enables them to enjoy their final days without as much stress over money.

People who are filling out a Social Security Disability application should ensure that they’re being transparent about their medical conditions. Listing them in the application can trigger it to go through this expedited process. Of course, there are times when a person is denied benefits that should have been approved. Working with someone who knows how the system works can help in these cases.