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The cost of bankruptcy

On Behalf of | May 10, 2019 | bankruptcy |

A recent report by a commssion studying bankruptcy laws found that the cost of bankruptcy is a problem for many individuals.  The current law provides that bankruptcy fees must be paid before filing.  This makes it difficult for some debtors to come up with the money to file.  A particular debt that haunts some people who file for bankruptcy is student loan debt. The problem with this type of debt is that unless you can show that you have remarkable financial hardship, you will still have to repay this debt.  The commission found that the bankruptcy laws on student debt should also be changed.

Our office does not charge for an initial consultation.  It is important to talk to a bankruptcy professional in order to make the right decisions.  Don’t guess what your rights are.  Call and schedule a free consultation so you fully understand your options.

Some people have chosen to use their income tax refund to pay for their bankruptcy. They see this money as a way out. Others try to cut out unnecessary expenses and save to file. No matter which side of the matter you are on, you should determine what form of bankruptcy will work for your case, and you should get things moving quickly so you can see the financial relief as soon as possible.    It is important to make and appointment with a bankruptcy attorney and find out your options.  If you are going to file you will stop paying most of your creditors which will also help you cover the cost of the bankruptcy.  Don’t guess what your options are.  Get professional advice.