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Medical bills can lead to harassment, put an end to them

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2019 | bankruptcy |

Medical bills can be quite costly and can lead to very serious financial issues. Even if you have wonderful insurance, some items that aren’t covered might lead to troubles. If you are in this position, there is only so much else you can cut back on so that you can pay the medical bills. Once you have cut things down and don’t have anything left that will help you to save money, you might have to look at other options.

Because medical bills are unsecured, there isn’t too much that the doctor’s office or hospital can do to you if you can’t pay them. They can send them to a collection agency and record the late payments on your credit report. In some cases, they might refuse to treat you until you pay the balance or make payment arrangements. While it might seem like you don’t really need to do anything about the bills, you may soon come to realize that the collection calls are wearing you out.

One option that you have to take care of the bills and the collection attempts is to file for bankruptcy. When you do this, the collection agency or creditor isn’t allowed to contact you to demand payment. This means that you can rest easier now since you know you can safely check the mail without having to worry about pushy agents demanding money for the medical bills.

You do need to consider the fact that the doctor might not see you as a patient any longer if you owe them money or have it discharged in bankruptcy. We know that this might be hard to accept, but you should be ready for the process.